Looking for best E-liquid flavors? Know the categories and famous brands…..

Unlike smoking, the vaping e-liquids are available in a plethora of flavors. Every time you visit the store, you find new types to try out, which are offered by different brands. It makes one thing very clear that not only the liquids vary in flavors but their taste also varies from brand to brand.


A good thing is with numerous brands providing best e-liquid flavors, you are likely to get the flavor you imagine and desire. Even if you are having a unique choice, the probability is there that it exists somewhere.

New to vaping? Want to know more about the flavors? The main categories they are available in include:

Tobacco Flavored E-liquid
The tobacco flavors are for those who are switching to e-cigarettes from smoking. As they would find it hard in the beginning to enjoy the totally different flavors, they can start vaping with tobacco flavors.

Fruit Flavored E-liquid
No matter whether you are interested in finding real fruit like taste or want a complex blend, you will get a lot of options. Most of the manufacturers spice up the fruit flavored e-liquids with added flavors, just to offer a unique experience. There is a lot to explore in this category.

Candy Flavored E-liquid
Want to rekindle childhood memories while enjoying the best e-liquid flavors? Candy flavored e-liquids would be the right choice for you. It lets you have an amazing experience of vaping gummy bears without actually eating them.

Dessert Flavored E-liquid
If you have the love for creamy sweets after the dinner, this category would be perfect for you. Finding it appealing in the beginning would be a little hard for you but you will develop a taste for it later.

All these famous E-liquid categories are provided in numerous blends by different brands. Some of the common brands are:

– Mr Juicer
– Bazooka
– Empire Brew
– Dough Bros
– Fantasi
and the list goes on.

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All you need to know about vaping

Vaping is smoking from E-cigarettes using E-liquid. Some research says it helps to quit smoking while others say that it is a better alternative than cigarettes. It is highly important that one purchase a good quality of E-liquid before vaping it on an e-cigarette. Buy E-liquids online at Next Day Vapes.

What is an E-cigarette?

An E-cigarette is an alternative to the traditional cigarettes. The philosophy behind E-cigarettes is that it contains far less smoke and tar, and is battery operated. The E-liquid is poured into E-cigarette and is then the liquid gets vapourised, which gives the same effect of smoking.

What is E-liquid?

E-liquid is a type of liquid, which contains nicotine, flavor and additive substance for vaping. This liquid gets vapourised and gives the effect of smoking and it is also called Juice. However, one can also have E-liquid, which doesn’t contain nicotine.
Is there any variety of E-liquid?


Yes, and that is why E-cigarettes is gaining more popularity over traditional cigars and cigarettes. The E-liquid is the one, which contains the flavour and nicotine. You can shop for a variety of E-liquids online at https://nextdayvapes.co.uk and buy the one, which fits your need.

Are all E-liquids safe?

No, since there is a huge demand of E-liquids and E-Cigarettes, there is a possibility of getting duped by a hustler who will sell it for cheap. Some E-liquids may cause serious side effects because of its ingredients and consistency. Vaping on cheap E-liquids may also cause a condition called popcorn lungs. Hence, buy original and genuine E-liquids from Next Day Vapes.

Some things to keep in mind while vaping:

  • Always make sure you are not allergic to any substance present in the E-liquid or you are suffering from serious bronchitis problem.
  • Always charge the E-cigarettes before using it.
  • Do not fill in the tank of E-cigarettes when it is connected to the battery. Always unscrew it from the battery and fill it.
  • Aim at the tank carefully and do not let E-liquid touch your skin because it can prove toxic and wash your skin with soap and water if your skin gets in contact with the juice.
  • Replace tanks after every 2 weeks, depending on your usage.

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How To Play It Cool with Vapes and Be a Pro

There are a number of smoking trends that have emerged lately. Vape is one of the most popular e-cigarettes available. It not only curbs your excessive desire but also helps to curb your appetite. Yes, you read that right, vaping certainly helps in controlling your diet. “Vape” Being the 2014 word of the year, is nothing new but at the same time, there is a lot of research that goes on it even today.


To some it might seem to be a complex world of electricity and smoke whereas to others it is not just a way of passing time and releasing stress, there is much more to it. Ever wondered how you could be a pro in making those smoke rings? Gather all the attention in a party by playing with vapes. Here’s how you can learn easy tips and tricks to absolutely effortless vaping…

  1. The Ghost Hit- Inhale a long drag of smoke and let it stay in your mouth for a few seconds. The next step is to simply push the entire vapor out of your mouth in the shape of a ball and then quickly inhale it back. This creates a big mushroom of smoke.
  2. The Dragon- Turn yourself into a deadly beast and let smoke blow out from your nostrils and your mouth by simply inhaling a whole lot of vapor inside your mouth, holding it for long and then exhaling it forcefully through your nose as well as from your mouth. Something like Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod would be perfect for this trick.
  3. The waterfall- Amaze your friends by making a mesmerising waterfall out of the vapor. All you need is a water bottle with some ice-cold water in the bottom. Exhale your vapor into the bottle and then slowly pour it out and your waterfall is ready.
  4. The Jellyfish- this is a guaranteed crowd-pleasing trick. Blow a large O-ring then use your hand to push the O-ring in order to slow it down. Then you just have to push a smaller O-ring right in the center of the first one to create a resemblance of jellyfish.

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